Some tips from Llamedos Disco’s professional DJ Lee to help make sure you choose the right disco.

1. Ask for recommendations and testimonials

Ask your friends, family and work colleagues which Disco they used and if it was any good. Look at what people have said on Facebook and Twitter. You can get some good views on social media as people tend to tell the truth. Ask the DJ you want to use if he has any written testimonials from customers. Research is always good and don’t just go with the first disco you find.

Shop around and get some different quotes. Ask people you know which mobile wedding disco they used. Another good thing to do is look at their website. You can see a lot about how professional a disco is by how much pride they have taken to show off their business.

2. Ask the DJ if you can hear the Disco before you book it.

This isn’t always possible but its worth asking if you can hear the disco in action. At the very least you should meet with your DJ before the day. As its hard to set up a disco and is time-consuming if it isn’t at a venue sometimes the only choice will be to go see the disco at a local public function if there is one available.

3. Make sure you have enough money

Lots of people wanting to book a disco, particularly ones who are about to be married spend loads of money on the cakes, dresses and suits, function venues, food, invites, flowers and honeymoon. Trouble is they forget to leave enough aside to pay for the Disco. With anything in life you usually get what you pay for so don’t skimp on getting a […]